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God and the Sun

Abbie's sunriseGod and the Sun

By Olivia Hall

In times of doubt, when it is difficult to have faith

and to know God is with you, remember the sun.

Sometimes storms come and the clouds cover the sun.

Sometimes it is hard not to forget that the sun is still up there, shining bright.

But when the dark times come, just look around

to all the beauty in the world that it has given life to

and know, that like the sun,

God is always there, and his beautiful creation is all around you.

Shared with permission, I believe the poem stands on its own without words from me.

A Sunny Day

On a sunny day everything looks brighter right? The sky is clear, the colours more vibrant, even the past and the future look more bright.

On a sunny day we see more clearly. We see the people who are normally invisible, we see the crumbling and decay of buildings and lives, we see the poverty and violence in the world.

Many people would prefer to be in the dark!

All Stars, Some Grass, And A Dandelion:Evoking Summer


What is it about this picture which is so appealing?  The colours are great!  The green is so rich, the yellow so bright and sunny, the blue of the sneakers whimsical, and the little pink line around the toe is a lovely touch.  Did the makers of Converse sneakers have this sort of thing in mind when they designed these shoes?  I’m pretty sure they did not.

Maybe the appeal comes from imagining the fun the person is having who has stepped out of these sneakers on this bright sunny day.  Maybe lying on a blanket in the sun with a good book, or no book at all just enjoying the feeling of summer.  Perhaps running around enjoying the feeling of the fresh grass under foot.

Whatever feeling or ideas are evoked by such a picture they are bound to be positive and that is just what is called for as we come into the holiday weekend that really begins summer in North America.