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A Proverbial Word / Parental Wisdom


thanks to Seer Snively Jackal of All Trades on flickr

thanks to Seer Snively, Jackal of All Trades on flickr

Proverbial parenting?

Straight out of the Ten Commandments, after putting the Lord your God first, having no idols, and remembering the Sabbath, we read, “Honour thy father and thy mother.”(Ex 20:12)

Proverbs 8 Hear, my child, your father’s instruction,
   and do not reject your mother’s teaching; 
9 for they are a fair garland for your head,
   and pendants for your neck.

At first glance, of course, one may take the father’s teaching to be from God, but as it is paired with mother’s teaching it becomes clear that this refers to human parents. Imagine that! Listen to the teaching of your parents without rejecting it, wear it on your head and carry it on yourself like a pendant.

Please note, it doesn’t say anything about carrying a chain around your neck or shackles on your feet!  Wisdom, and learning are not meant to weigh us down but to lift us up. To ornament or brighten us.

Fathers Full Time

FD and the dog

Today is Father’s Day and as all the posts on Face Book and all the adds are about fathers, naturally, I got thinking about my father. When I discovered that the card I thought I had safely tucked away for the day was possibly the one I used last year, I wondered what I would do.  I thought about asking him to do something with me which would bring back great memories, like going to Canadian Tire together.  But, which thing would I choose.  And I began trying to think of when he was most my father;

  • Saturday morning trips to Canadian Tire with me riding on his shoulders or holding his hand through the parking lot

  • picking me up from school when I broke my foot

  • any time he took me to the hospital and had to ask me my age etc.

  • swimming (me) and dead man’s float (him)

  • when he worked on the house and I ran to get tools etc. to help out

  • when he drove us around and pointed out all the sights and challenged us to watch for animals

  • hiking through the woods and pretending that I didn’t have a swarm of deer flies on my back so I wouldn’t completely melt down

  • when he sat me down (on top of the fridge) for an eye-to-eye chat

  • when he tripped me on the way down the aisle for my first wedding, was it prescience? 

  • when he hugged me good bye as I was moving to the USA

  • when he attended every performance I did which was within a day’s drive

  • when we went over what had gone well, and what might need improving

  • when he corrected my English, and then didn’t freak out when I did it to him

  • when he quietly helped me move back into their house after marriage one ended

  • when he played organ for our choir or sang in the choir with me

  • when he took pictures of me…”no turn around and look at the tree…”

  • when we went out for my first driving lesson and he said, “let’s cross the highway bridge”

Obviously I could go on and on.  I recently had a chance to read some of his memories from his youth which I considered to be a great privilege.  It made me think of that little boy in a picture with a dog and the biggest smile on his face.  That is my dad.  

So when was he most my father?  Anytime I think about him!

Up! Up! :God, Pick Me Up!

If you have had children or any experience with young children you will recognize this gesture.  This baby is most likely saying in his or her head, “Pick me up please.”  This is the image that stuck in my head as I curled up with God last night.  There I was, the little baby just reaching to be picked up.

By around the age of about six months most babies have bonded and formed an attachment with their parents.  They have come to associate being picked up with receiving care, love and comfort.  There are times when, even as adults, there is nothing that would satisfy our need more than this would. It has been a long time since my mother or father could pick me up to give me comfort!

The way to reach for this comfort from God, our parent who loves us, is simply to pray. Like our human parents, God wants the best for us, wants to protect us and is there to pick us up when we fall.  Also like our parents, God lets us make mistakes large and small as part of our process of growing.  I must have grown a lot, because I am frequently needing to be picked up and put back on my feet.

Many of you will be familiar with the popular poem Footprints in the Sand.

God is there for us, even if it sometimes seems that he is not.  He wants to have that bond, and attachment with you if you will let him.  The next time you feel that you have fallen and need help to get back on your feet, reach up (literally or in your mind) and pray;

God, pick me up and hold me.  I need to feel your love and I need your help to get back on my feet! Amen