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The Book of Awesome; An Uplifting Read!

There are thousands of great books out there for you to read, some deeper and more philosophical than others.  Many of the best books I have read in the last year have one small draw-back.  This draw-back is that the topic is  disturbing.  Room was great, but it was hard to read about a woman and her child going through complete isolation and imprisonment.  Sarah’s Key was great, but again, set against the holocaust it was heart-wrenching to read.

Today I want to direct you to a book with no underlying negativity.  The Book Of Awesome by Neil Pasricha is a published version of the blog 1000awesomethings.com (see link below).  You may not appreciate all the same things as Neil, but all he includes in his blog and his book are Awesome things.  I applaud this blog and the books that come from it!  Awesome!