Fathers Full Time

FD and the dog

Today is Father’s Day and as all the posts on Face Book and all the adds are about fathers, naturally, I got thinking about my father. When I discovered that the card I thought I had safely tucked away for the day was possibly the one I used last year, I wondered what I would do.  I thought about asking him to do something with me which would bring back great memories, like going to Canadian Tire together.  But, which thing would I choose.  And I began trying to think of when he was most my father;

  • Saturday morning trips to Canadian Tire with me riding on his shoulders or holding his hand through the parking lot

  • picking me up from school when I broke my foot

  • any time he took me to the hospital and had to ask me my age etc.

  • swimming (me) and dead man’s float (him)

  • when he worked on the house and I ran to get tools etc. to help out

  • when he drove us around and pointed out all the sights and challenged us to watch for animals

  • hiking through the woods and pretending that I didn’t have a swarm of deer flies on my back so I wouldn’t completely melt down

  • when he sat me down (on top of the fridge) for an eye-to-eye chat

  • when he tripped me on the way down the aisle for my first wedding, was it prescience? 

  • when he hugged me good bye as I was moving to the USA

  • when he attended every performance I did which was within a day’s drive

  • when we went over what had gone well, and what might need improving

  • when he corrected my English, and then didn’t freak out when I did it to him

  • when he quietly helped me move back into their house after marriage one ended

  • when he played organ for our choir or sang in the choir with me

  • when he took pictures of me…”no turn around and look at the tree…”

  • when we went out for my first driving lesson and he said, “let’s cross the highway bridge”

Obviously I could go on and on.  I recently had a chance to read some of his memories from his youth which I considered to be a great privilege.  It made me think of that little boy in a picture with a dog and the biggest smile on his face.  That is my dad.  

So when was he most my father?  Anytime I think about him!

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