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The World In A Cart: The World In The Word

When I was thinking of a topic for a post today I was thinking about the future, the repitition of semesters here at work and the changes I make over the years in teaching the same courses.  It came to the fore yesterday when I was looking all over my classroom for 6 envelopes with little slips of paper in them.  This is a partenting activity that I have been doing for years and it is still one of the best activities we do.

Together these thoughts led me to look back at what I posted on this blog two years ago today.  That is what you will be reading below.  Enjoy.

When I was in high school (can’t believe I just wrote that) if I wanted information about the world I would dig out an atlas or the encyclopedia.  There was lots of information there, but it was not necessarily up to date.  Today I wheeled the world into my classroom in one of the school’s Mac-carts.

Ideally the students would all have a netbook or laptop all the time.  This isn’t the case yet at my school but still there is a huge change.  Today in my class I had students in contact with community agencies in several cities, looking up how to make tied baby blankets, researching statistics on childhood obesity in Canada, writing project proposals, designing websites, designing stickers to go along with a calendar they are making and more.  In some other classrooms and schools children are using programs like Skype to talk with students and teachers in other countries and even working on group projects with kids all over.

Has it made things better, this globalization in our education system?  It has to be more useful for kids to be planning projects for the community and or with people in other countries than drawing and colouring maps.  Does it matter if I know the GDP of a country from three years ago when I can find out the economic reports from last month?  The internet lets us keep up with a quickly changing world.

There are some things that don’t change.  God doesn’t change, the Bible doesn’t change, although it is are easier to hunt for particular sections and quotes using the computer.    When you open an atlas there is information about a lot of places but it is not the world.  When we open the Bible and read God’s word that really is the world!


God and the Sun

Abbie's sunriseGod and the Sun

By Olivia Hall

In times of doubt, when it is difficult to have faith

and to know God is with you, remember the sun.

Sometimes storms come and the clouds cover the sun.

Sometimes it is hard not to forget that the sun is still up there, shining bright.

But when the dark times come, just look around

to all the beauty in the world that it has given life to

and know, that like the sun,

God is always there, and his beautiful creation is all around you.

Shared with permission, I believe the poem stands on its own without words from me.

Of Bouquets, Twigs, and Dandelions

Jessie's photos 001Today is Mother’s Day.  Greetings and best wishes are all over Facebook.  People have changed their profile pictures to ones of their mothers either with or without themselves.  All over sellers of cards, flowers, and almost anything you can imagine are rubbing their hands together with the boost in sales as people seek to recognize the impact mother’s have had in their lives.

Today in church the minister related the history of mother’s day which was not created by the Hallmark.  The first mother’s day was celebrated in a Methodist church in the United States when a daughter gave all the women a white carnation in honour of her mother who had died.  This was expanded upon the next year in that church and then spread throughout North American churches.

The other day my daughter and I were watching TV when yet another Mother’s Day related commercial came on.  It was from a florist who was encouraging us to have a bouquet sent to our mothers to make them smile.  My daughter commented that mothers would smile if you handed them a twig, or a weed from the back yard.  It is true isn’t it?  How many mothers have smiled and bravely dug into a child created concoction served to us by proud children?  How many have little picture frames made of twigs, hand prints, macaroni necklaces etc. tucked away in our closets or hanging on our walls?

It isn’t specifically flowers, or cards or other gifts that make us smile on this day and any other, it is the presence of a person so close to us showing that they think we are special to them.  So, happy Mother’s Day and may your children pick you a dandelion to make you smile!