A Little Cuddle Goes A Long Way

presenting blankets to Crystal Cole from DECHMy Child Studies class has been working on a project for the local pediatrics ward. They are making fleece comfort blankets, they have challenged themselves to make 46 of them.

You may be wondering why the hospital needs little fleece blankets.  The key word is comfort.  When a child has to go to the hospital they are met with a barrage of strange items, procedures, and people.  As agencies like Project Linus know, a cuddly blanket can bring, “… love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need …” Going into the project, having done it with students in the past, I was aware of the value of the project for children in the hospital.  What surprised me this time was the value I saw for students.

As soon as the fleece was in the room some students were picking up the material and holding it.  Once we started making the blankets, even the smallest scraps were being kept by one person or another, even students in my other classes were having a great time playing with it.  Some made little miniature blankets and pillows, some bracelets and necklaces.  One young man in another class cut a piece in the shape of a wide tie and even asked me for a safety-pin so he could keep it on.  Who knew a little cuddly fleece could do so much?

Blanket project crew

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