Daily Archives: June 21, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait And other Goldilocks Situations

It is6:20 PM and I am seated in the hockey arena where my daughter will be graduating in a ceremony starting at 7:30. It may sound over eager…and I suppose it is, but as I look around the main good seating areas are full, with occasional spots that look open but which are being saved. My husband will arrive sometime in around an hour, probably just after the National Anthem.

As my daughter and I were driving in she commented that I always had to be early, her father often late, and that she gets anxious whether early or late. She likes to be on time. It is a bit like the 3 bears and she, like baby bear and Goldilocks needs it just right!

It reminds me a bit of Jesus’ story. Many of his followers, especially Judas, wanted him to hurry up and march on Jerusalem to take over his kingdom. Some tried to convince him not to go at all because they were afraid he woukd be hurt or worse. Jesus, and by definition God, knew the right time and could be neither hurried nor deterred!

Timing is critical in all things, but stressed as we may get on either side of the right time, we don’t have control. It is the learning to let go that is the challenge. In the meantime I’ll people watch when I’m early, my husband will calmly leave in his own time and my daughter, until she gets a car, will be stuck with one of us or the other.

making plans while winding down

It is the end of the school year and as we prepare for graduation ceremonies, report cards and clean out our rooms I often find myself looking at semester plans from the year gone by and make changes. If you had suggested to me a week ago that I would be looking forward to next year I would have laughed you out of the room!

As the days brighten and lengthen spirits generally riae! In schools our spirits go up at the same time as the last remnants of energy desert us. At this point we are working on adrenaline alone! I think I’ll really know I’m ready to move on from teaching when this process doesn’t get my creative juices flowing with ideas for new activities and assignments for the next year.

In any field of work I believe this kind of time apart is necessary to keep people from burning out completely. During Jesus’ ministry he was mindful of this. We read frequently of him going to a quiet place to pray, or withdrawing with his disciples. Of course, people frequently managed to follow him or find him anyway, even once when he crossed the sea of Galilee. He returned from these brief respites ready to face the crowds once again.