Empty Nests and Cat Ladies

I was sitting on the couch this morning, alone in the house with my dog.  It isn’t that I am never alone, but with one child moved out, one daughter about to graduate from high school, and one entering grade 11 it occurred that this may be a little taste of the eventual empty nest.  Changes are on the way.  As I thought this I was glad to have my little lap dog to cuddle and talk to (better than talking to myself) and that led me to think of…

I have lots planned for my future after the kids have moved out.  I don’t expect to have much more time alone at home than I have now other than evenings, but there is definitely some appeal to having little furry ‘children’ to look after and who may always be happy to see you (at least in the kitchen near their food dishes).  We have a human need for companionship and for those without an available human, pets fill the gap.

One companion we can always count on, even when the cats are ignoring us, is the Holy Spirit, and God’s is always eager for us to talk with him! 

One response to “Empty Nests and Cat Ladies

  1. loneliness is bad feeling,we need all the time someone to talk to,someone to keep our mind busy.Having a pet or pets can help a lot and somehow fill up the emptiness we may feel especially when all kids are grown up and away from the nest!

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