Far From Singing In The Rain!

The other day I was out for groceries.  When I parked, not particularly near the store, it was overcast but fairly nice out.  When I was finished and ready to go out to the car it was pouring rain!  I looked in my cart and noticed boxed goods near the tops of the bags.  I considered for a moment whether I could wait it out in the store.  I did actually have a raincoat on, so I put up my hood, zipped up my purse, and headed out into the rain.  Having set my course I kept my head down to keep my hood from blowing off and made a quick bee-line for my car.  My coat had done a lovely job of keeping my hair and upper body completely dry but was, of course, now dripping with water as I climbed into the car.  

Driving home I noticed how other people were reacting to the rain.  There were some people making a quick dash, heads and shoulders bowed down.  There were many like me with raincoats or umbrellas, not in quite the same hurry as the dashers but mostly hunched against the rain regardless of their protection.  I also noticed some of the people who clearly had to go someplace and had only their feet for transportation.  Resigned to their fates, they just walked along getting wet as if nothing at all was happening.  Most wearing tshirts or sweaters of one kind or another, they didn’t even hunch their shoulders.  They were already wet, they had farther to go, why fight it?

None of these people were dancing or singing in the rain!  The ultimate statement of contentment or happiness, it seems, would be finding even a rainy day sunny (emotionally).  We have had a fair number of rainy days in our area lately.  A friend of mine this morning had, “Rain, rain go away. Only come back between midnight and six, then stay sunny all day.” as her facebook status.  I smiled as I read it, echoing the sentiment in my mind.  

If you don’t feel like singing and dancing on your next rainy day, take a cue from the little kids in this old McDonald’s commercial…




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