Glory glory, hallelujah, He reigns! /Repetive and Annoying or Just Enough To Sink In ?

I am waiting to pick my daughter from an activity and to help time pass more pleasantly I am listening to The Message on Sirius XM radio. The last song had little in the way of lyrics other than, Glory glory, hallelujah, He reins!”. This is a very important message without doubt but to me I have to think that they need to go into more depth than that. If the message is important then we should be giving more background rather than just a worship statement and the great truth of the reign of Christ.

I think I am missing something. This song is upbeat and catchy and just might get some people repeating those words who have never heard them. Maybe it can get them curious for more of the story! We know that the more times a connection is repeated in our brains, the better we will remember. So go ahead and sing those repetitive songs and be ready to lead people deeper if they ask!

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