Sweet and Sour Beats Bland!

My day today started with a resounding thud and went downhill from there. No, I’m not going to subject you to an itemised list of disasters, nor a lengthy rant! I’m sitting here in my car in the sun and reflecting on just how much sweeter the day has become!

Bright things that happened today have been all the sweeter for the sour with which they are contrasted. The beautiful warm and sunny bus duty sweeter after the cold rainy one last week. Visits from grateful students and kids stopping me in the hall to tell me they miss me sweeter because of those who were rude in class.

Sure, my day would have easier without the sour moments, but it would have been nondescript, even boring. I remember when I was pregnant and not feeling well the. Books all suggested a bland diet. This didn’t work for me. I was totally uninterested in eating bland food, and so I didn’t. In the end I went back to my moderatly spicy diet and dealt with any stomach upset may come along.

Without the sour taste of guilt and fear at the cross, the resurection would just be a typical morning wakeup. I don’t think there is really any place for bland in faith. Bland can be the reason people drift away from churches and beliefs which were once vibrant. It doesn’t mean we need to break our the fireworks or anything. It isn’t about creating spectacle, but rather in watching for the sunrise out of our dark moments.

One response to “Sweet and Sour Beats Bland!

  1. Love your ending line.

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