Daily Archives: March 6, 2012

Answering The Reflection Questions

We have a book study starting this evening at our church based on God: The Rumours Persist!!by Bishop Bill Hockin.  In preparing  for this I began to read the first chapter.  It began with a pre-reading reflection, “Would you describe yourself as a religious person?  Why or why not?  How would you describe your relationship with God?”

I have a habit of skipping over this type of question whether they be in the header, in the margins, or in the back of the book.  I guess that might seem strange considering that I write about this type of thing all the time, but there you are.  So here’s why…I find it hard to answer the questions without sounding very self-satisfied when in reality I never feel satisfied or worthy.  

Would you describe yourself as a religious person?  Yes

Why? Church, service and God are a big part of my life.

How would you describe your relationship with God? Comfortable, needy, unbalanced (I get lots and give little) 

Are there people out there who find these comfortable to answer?  Should we?  Would the answers be the same every day? Do the people who write them into the books have answers? Oh look…I wrote reflection questions.  On the up side, I’m pretty sure there are no right or wrong answers either to the real questions we find in books, the questions that come into our heads throughout our lives, nor the ones I just wrote.  The idea is just to think and be open to answers as they come.

Hockin, Bishop Bill, God: The Rumours Persist!!Taylor Printing Group Inc. Fredericton:2011.