Exuberant Faith : Let Your Faith Bubble Over And Touch The Lives of Others!

Last night I read Day 289 from The Message//Remix:Solo which was entitled “Getting Our Way”.  This was a reflection on Galatians 5, more specifically 5:16-17, 19-23.  Following the Bible text are suggested ideas to think about, pray about, and ideas for living out the message.


Hold one of the following words in front of you today; exuberance, serenity, willingness,compassion, conviction.  Let the word permeate what you do.”

I got stuck on the very first one.  While many of you don’t know me, I think even you might get from my writing style that exuberant would not normally be a word used in my description.  I mean, how many of us are really exuberant even a fraction of the time?  I can only think of one or two people on our staff of almost 100 who might be described as exuberant.

I thought maybe I had the wrong idea of the words meaning, so I looked it up.  One of the sets of definitions was;

 abounding in vigour and high spirits; full of vitality

2. lavish or effusive; excessively elaborate exuberant compliments

3. growing luxuriantly or in profusion

others mentioned unrestrained enthusiasm and joy.  Taken one at a time, the first meaning above is the one I immediately thought of  and basically wrote off as a potential for my day.  The second one makes my skin crawl a little, it reminds me of people who gush about how wonderful everything is and thus make the compliment moot.  Whether or not it is fair to think of this as being sickly sweet, if I had thought of that meaning it would have been off the list as well.  This brings us to the third meaning of growing luxuriantly or in profusion.  This meaning gave me a different idea of the word.  If our own growth in the spirit is truly abundant it will overflow to others, and that is something I can aspire to.

When you get up tomorrow morning and head off to another week of work or whatever you do, think about having faith so exuberant that it can’t help flowing out to those around you! 



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