Noah was 200 years old when he finished building the ark.  At God’s word he loaded a huge number of animals and presumably food for each onto the boat, then he, his wife, his sons, and their wives, all boarded and the doors were closed.  The rains began and it was the beginning of one whole year of confinement on board this big, noisy boat.


Think about that year a little bit.  Have you had your kids at home for the last week?  How has it gone?  In my experience, even as few as four or five days trapped together in the house will have siblings at each other’s throats… imagine a whole year!  On top of that, of course, there were the in-law interactions to consider.  The animals all needed feeding, their living spaces needed to be cleared of  manure, and as I listen to my dog barking upstairs while I write this, there would be noise!

At this time of a new year people often stop to reflect on the coming year and make resolutions to make the most of this time.  Imagine with me what Noah may have put on his list of resolutions for the year after they stepped back onto dry land… 


  1. I will remember that scorpions, giraffes, and lions do not make good house pets.

  2. I will give thanks every day just to be alive

  3. I will appreciate the feel of the earth (sand, grass, stones, even mud) under my feet

  4. I will spend some time alone with God each day

  5. I will remember that my family members need their space, but appreciate any time they want to spend with me

  6. I will thank God every time I see a rainbow in the sky

  7. When God speaks, I will  listen!

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