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Knowing One’s Place/ Dibbing A Seat At The Table

This is a picture of my little dog wearing his Christmas bandana and ensconced comfortably on my couch. It is on that last little part that the two of us part opinions. The living room furniture in my house is mine. Unclear on this,however, Coda seems to think that since he often sits there that has made it his. Fans of Big bang theory will be familiar with Sheldon and his permanent dibs on a certain seat on their couch. People who don’t know better often sit on his spot and are quickly told, “that’s my spot!”

In churches, staff rooms, and many other places I’m sure, there are invisible “seat markers.” That is our pew, Sally sits at that spot, etc. We have all heard it. In reality, of course, unless there are officially assigned seats, as in a classroom, chairs and pews do not have names attached and are available to all.

On the rare occasion that I sit in the congregation, rather than the choir, I mainly aim for front seats because they are generally less popular. The important thing to note is that regardless of assignment, placing dibbs, or leaving your coat or purse to save your seat, a place has already been reserved for us at the Lord’s table. We may not know which one, but that is not our concern, rather the concern of our host. We need only to wait patiently to be seated.