Deck the halls with boughs of holly!
Fa la la la la, la la la la

At school today the kids in one class got talking about Christmas decorations around their homes.  Some said that their parents, mostly mothers, put their decorations up in November, while others said trees go up on the 23rd of December  and come down on the 25.  The thing that remains the same is that for people who celebrate Christmas, either for secular or religious reasons, do some kind of decorating.

One person said her mother was into snowmen and their whole house is filled with snowman decorations.   My mother-in-law had a collection of hundreds of angels.   When I first moved out on my own I focused on Santa.  Every year I got a new Santa for the tree and I did several cross-stitches of  Father Christmas.  Later on, getting disgusted with the commercialism of the season, I changed my focus to nativities.  It probably sounds a little strange to collect nativities, but there it is…

We aren’t done decking our halls at home yet.  I have many of my nativities, some snowmen, some Santa figures.  Some of the things used to belong to my grandparents, some to my husband’s family, and the nativity above represents months of work and enjoyment painting at a local Clay Cafe.  Almost all the decorations have some deeper meaning or pleasant family related memories that go with them.  

Regardless of what form your “boughs” take, I hope that as you deck your halls it is with a sense both of family history and hope for the coming kingdom!

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