Pathetic Fallacy or Climate Coincidence?

One of my favourite literary terms we learned in high school is pathetic fallacy. I see examples everywhere; in books, on tv shows, and sometimes in real life. Today as I headed out to the doctor’s office it was raining. I was somehow not surprised though, it seems like it has been raining every time I came here for ages!

I don’t think this counts as pathetic fallacy, since I rather like seeing my doctor. Now if we were talking dentist appointment that might be different! Here are a couple of examples from my lifetime

Remember all those Remembrance Days where we went to the cenotaph in the cold, driving wind and rain or snow? It made trench life more real to me as my fingers froze to the metal keys on my clarinet. How dare I complain about that hour or two in comparison to months on end?

The Christmas Eves when the first sparkly flakes of snow started just as we stepped out of the Christmas Eve service bespeaking the miracle of Jesus birth.

The Sunday’s when the clouds cleared just as the message of hope came out and the sun threw its light into our midst just as the Spirit was lighting our spirits.

Bright sunny days when happy couples share their weddings with families and friends. To be fair, I think a lot of that is humanly contrived as the majority of people schedule their weddings at times and in places with the maximum chance of good weather.

In historical or Biblical society, what weather would you expect to go with the shame of an unwed teen mother traveling across country? What time of day would you set a birth? What weather goes with the hope we are seeking during the first week of Advent?

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