Storm Day Denied: When Wearing The PJs Inside Out Doesn’t Do The Trick

If you live in an area which has snow storms during the winter, chances are you are familiar with the unexpected treat of a storm day.  For the most part these are only a boon for school students and teachers as technically they are caused by it being unsafe to have the buses on the roads.

If this is all sounding familiar to you, then you may also be aware of some of the superstitions that go along with the forecast of a storm.  When the radio first forecasts any amount of snow hopes begin to rise, and when they change to a snowfall, or winter storm warning the action begins.  First, of course, it is important not to talk about it due to a risk of jinxing things.  Then there are the night-time rituals like putting your pajamas on inside out, getting homework done, mittens under the pillow, and they go on.

Much as you may rationally understand that there will not be a storm day, when the alarm goes off the next morning and you don’t hear a cancellation notice, your heart falls.  From that moment frowns and grumbles are the order of the day.  The kids are extra cranky, especially if they didn’t finish their homework.  They spend the whole day looking longingly out the window and asking if they are going to get sent home early.

In some ways this is like the Christian story.  We have the forecast of the second coming of Jesus, of the New Earth.  When it happens it will be completely undeserved, a total change from the everyday with nothing scheduled, no to-do list, and no struggles.  We know it is coming,  and yet when we get up each day it is in the same life, same hassles, the same old Earth.  We don’t need to go through special rituals, wear things a particular way, this is already a done deal and all we have to do is continue to believe.  

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