Daily Archives: November 4, 2011

It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Ends Up In A Cone!

I got this great t-shirt online that says, “It’s all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone!”  In the course of his life he has spent several months in his cone and there are few things he wasn’t able to do with it on.

The point of the cone, or the Elizabethan Collar, is to prevent dogs and cats from getting at injured, sutured, or infected areas and making them worse.  Coda would lick and chew at his feet until they bled, then ended up infected etc.  I’ll stop there since it is not my intention to get gross.

Humans are far more intelligent than dogs.  One would think that we would be far above doing things like “chew on our paws” and yet, we do plenty of self-destructive things.   People fall into various issues from addictions to nicotine, coffee, alcohol, drugs and even shopping, to more serious self-destruction such as self harm, eating disorders, and suicide.  Is there a cone for people?  And if there is, who is going to keep us from just taking it off?

Hopefully we will have a friend who is strong enough to help us out.  Maybe to pin us down long enough to get the the cone around our necks.  However we get started, it is the continued presence of the Holy Spirit, the availability of God’s word and the example of Jesus that is going to keep it on there for us.  If we want to be set free from our self-destructive behaviours there is nobody better to ask for help, he is in the business of freedom!