Getting Your Gulls In A Row: 4 Steps to Eternal Life

So, I’ve had this picture and title, “Getting Your Gulls In A Row,” sitting in a draft post for a couple of months now but it just didn’t go any further.  I’m trusting that inspiration is going to come to me as I type.

You will be familiar with the expression, “get your ducks in a row” for the idea of getting your thoughts straight (in a row) and all the necessary tools and raw materials (the ducks) to get a project underway and all the way to completion.

Across the hall from me at the moment there is a group of young people meeting with the minister with a view to becoming communicant members of the congregation.  In our church we call making this commitment Confirmation, in the Baptist congregations it would be Baptism.  Our kids were baptised as children and parents made the Christian commitment on their behalf, but now we are looking at helping them to understand about our faith and our denomination so that they can make that same covenant with God of their own volition.

On the drive out to the church this morning I was thinking about the common type of article which draws people in with titles that begin with things like, “ten easy steps…”  In the context of getting gulls in a row, and confirmation classes I could simplify the process of attaining eternal life as follows:

  1. Believe

  2. Question

  3. Believe anyway

  4. Repeat as necessary

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