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Snowfall Warnings: Are Your Winter Tires And Your Souls Ready?


Fredericton and Southern York County
8:53 PM ADT Saturday 29 October 2011
Snowfall warning for 
Fredericton and Southern York County continued

Up to 20 cm of snow expected tonight and Sunday.

This is a warning that significant snowfall is expected in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements.

There is a snowfall warning here in Fredericton giving a possibility of 20 cm of snow for tomorrow.  It has been the topic of most of the Facebook updates from people in the area.  The primary tone is generally that it isn’t even Halloween yet, we aren’t supposed to be having snow yet!  If it were a school night kids would be putting on their jammies inside-out tonight and making tentative plans for sleeping in.

One of the problems with a snowfall of any amount at this time of year is that people never manage to adjust their driving from summer to winter driving at that first storm.  Along with that people will not have changed to their snow tires which means traction will be reduced.  If there is snow, there will be kids out playing in the snow,  and there will be car accidents, mostly minor ones, on the roads.  You would think that we would be better at this considering it happens every year.

It is a bit like the coming of the Kingdom of God.  We don’t have any way of knowing when it will come, although there have been many predictions, and many people won’t be prepared.  The difference is that not being prepared in this case, though, is that those who aren’t ready won’t have a second chance.  The time to get those “snow tires” on is now.



It Is The Family That Never Ends: Our Forever Family

Like the designs of many civilizations, the knotwork of the Celts are noted for their intricate designs created from an unbroken line.

One of these designs, which is well-known, includes three loops and is known as the triquetera or trinity knot. There is one loop each for God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, while in truth there is only one continuous line.  To me it ties in with the well-known quote from Revelations, “I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.”   At the same time the continuity reflects ahead to eternity and eternal life.  

When we think about life we normally see it with a distinct beginning and ending.  ‘We are born, but to die,’ that sort of thing.  In my classes I teach about the Family Life Cycle.  When you map out a family’s cycle you see that “ideal families” go through a pattern of connected loops growing out of each other.  Each individual has an end at death but when the cycle works the family does not end.

God is beyond even that, though.  From the very beginning (the Alpha) God, Jesus and the Spirit were all present and will remain so forever.  What better family to be a part of than God’s family?  Unbeknownst to us, we were a part of God’s family from before we were conceived.  Like teens, most of us stray away from the family at some point, but through accepting the grace of God in the sacrifice of Jesus we are welcomed back home for good!