Fall Contrasts

I took these picture last week while walking my dog. There were many times driving to and from work lately when I felt a strong urge to pull over onto the shoulder of the road to try getting a photo which adequately represented the glory I was seeing. Fall is a beautiful time in New Brunswick and the contrast ofbright colours of dying leaves and the dark green of the evergreens is striking!

Today in church we read the story of God showing His glory to Moses, but only from the back. Just as there is more to the whole picture and contrast in the roadside colours than I can encompass in a single still picture, God’s glory is just too big for any of us to catch all at once. As we look at the fall leaves in their shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown, perhaps we are seeing a beautiful fringe or lining on god,s cloak.

We notice the bright colours more when they are in contrast to the deep greens, perhaps we need to be looking for God’s glory in contrasts as well. We certainly know that the rows of temporary housing in massive refugee camps is a stark background, and yet against that canvass we see smiling children running and playing, we see volunteers putting forward great effort, and at times at great risk. It is here that we see the glory of God. We often want to look away from people when they are hurting, but remember that in doing so you risk seeing the contrasting glory for which we all yearn!

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