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repost of Mary’s Angels: “I Am Not Alone”

tonight the moon is a mirror-ballA while back I went out for coffee with a good friend.  During the course of the conversation we touched on many subjects.  She was sharing with me that she had been going for Reike treatments (is that the correct term?) for a while and she said she had an amazing experience at her last session.  She shared the following story with me, and asked as well that I share it with you;

My wish is to have peace and taking part in a Reiki experience has given me this sense of peace and serenity.

My last two experiences have been quite different from my earlier sessions. During these session I encountered my angel. Initially, I saw two glowing lights moving around each other as if they were playing joyfully with one another. I  felt happiness and an immense sense of joy, an almost childlike sense that only the present moment mattered. From the lights, a presence developed as an outline.  The outline gradually became more visible until I could see a hooded figure there with me.  I could not see his/her face. During this time I could see part of a wing that was a vibrant white in color. The energy that was present was very strong and real.

I can’t remember much else regarding this encounter but the feeling that I wasn’t alone. It was as if I was at another level compared to the earthly one. The message that came from this was to enjoy life, have fun and laugh. And more importantly, that I am not alone because my angel that is a very strong one at that is with me at all times. This in turn gives me strength during my spiritual journey called life. Is it possible that this other level is the spiritual parallel place of holiness?

Angels, are they real?  I’ll look into this in a future post with help/reference to Calvin’s Institutes.

Photo credit to Miemo Penttinenmiemo.net

Through Rose Coloured, or Blue Filtered Glasses: How Our Filters Effect Our Views

I moved some photos from my camera to my computer the other day.  As I did so, I made some adjustments.  I erased some which were too out of focus.  I used the auto-adjust button for some to correct exposure issues while I used the colour or exposure buttons for others.  A couple of the pictures looked much better with a filter of one sort or another.  There was a time, not so very long ago, when I would have had to actually take many versions of the picture with actual changes on flash or actual filters.  I put four versions of the same picture in this post to illustrate the differences wich are possible.

What you see depends on the filters you use.  As Christians we read the Old Testament with the lens of the New.  We can work to understand the Old Testament within its historical perspective, but in the end our understanding is coloured by our knowledge of the life and ministry of Christ and the ultimate grace of God.  When we read disturbing things like entire nations being wiped out at the direction of God we are simultaneously confused that such a thing would be possible from a God of love, and reassured by the knowledge that in the end salvation is made available to all of us who believe in the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic and Apostolic church, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting.