Moving, Moving, and Moving

Today was an interesting day on which I ended up thinking about three types of moving.

First, we got moving, as opposed to sitting on the couch.  Probably the most important thing we can all be doing for our health.  Some of us need to move more in order to lose weight, some to avoid osteoporosis, and all of us to keep our hearts and lungs in good shape.  The last few days I’ve been doing some Wii Zumba and taking the dog for a walk, and today we spent four hours walking around King’s Landing which is a historical settlement in the area.  I’m pretty good at starting with getting moving, my problem is keeping it up and in order to have any effect the work must go on.

Second, moving from one home to another.  A friend of mine was moving into a new home today.  A big moving van was sitting on the street in front of the house and movers were going back and forth carrying boxes and furniture into the home.  This is just the beginning, of course, as she now needs to put together bed frames, empty boxes, organize cupboards, and hang pictures. 

The last type of moving is emotionally moving.  All sorts of things can be moving.  We may see things that remind us of an event or place in our past and feel moved.  We may read a book or watch a movie which moves us.  We may be moved to tears, moved with joy, moved with anger, moved by injustice, and hopefully we will frequently be moved to action.  It is not enough to feel badly for people who are suffering injustice, for people who are struggling with illness or loss, we are only truly moved if it leads to actions.  Action may be concrete in terms of donations, volunteering, or lobbying for change; it may involve offering our support through our presence, listening, or prayer.

So, let’s get moving, moving and moving!

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