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Social Media Allows Canadians To Show Patriotism

O Canada
Our home and native land,
true patriot love
in all thy sons command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
the true north strong and free.
From far and wide, O Canada,
we stand on guard for thee!

God keep our land
glorious and free!
O Canada we stand on guard for thee!
O Canada we stand on guard for thee!

Today is Canada Day, our equivalent of the 4th of July.  Growing up I remember going to barbecues and things on the 1st of July and when I was older playing the clarinet or sax in the Canada Day parades in our area.  I also remember, however, crossing the border to play in 4th of July parades and there was a huge difference.  Even when it is not the national holiday celebrating the founding of the country, in the United States the patriotism is almost palatable.  People wear the flag, fly the flag, pledge allegiance to the flag etc. 365 days of the year.  In Canada there has always seemed to be a rather apologetic tone to any display of national pride.

This seems to have changed in the past few years, at least on the social media sites.  Perhaps because we aren’t face to face with people, we seem to be much more comfortable trumpeting our pride.  For July 1st it started around a week ago as one-by-one most of my friends changed their profile pictures to Canadian flag, maple leafs, beavers etc.  This morning we were all cheering for Canada, wishing her a happy birthday etc.  It is really quite beautiful, even if we did need the cover of social media to allow it out!


Praise Notes: The Book of Praise Nine

Ninth in a series of posts that go through hymns in The Book of Praise of the Presbyterian Church of Canada. 

Hymn #32

Within your temple, Lord

Psalm 48
Paraphrase, United Presbyterian Book of Psalms 1871
Music: Congregational Church Music 1853
public domain
Within your temple, Lord, your mercies we will tell,
for where your name is known there does your praise excel:
your praises sound through every land;
with righteous reign you shall command.Mount Zion, now rejoice! Let Judah’s daughters praise
with strong and cheerful voice, the justice God displays;
go round the walls on Zion’s mount
its many splendours to recount.

The towers of Zion tell; its palaces survey;
mark its defences well, and to your children say:
“The Lord, our faithful God and guide,
this God forever shall abide.”

The paraphrase is considerably shorter than the original Psalm and seems to leave out most of the more martial elements.  Other than that, it fits nicely with the phrasing of the melody.  If it were not the Lectionary Psalm of the day, I don’t think I would pick it for a service.

The tune for this hymn is ok.  I’m not a huge fan, but it isn’t hard to sing and congregations will pick it up fairly quickly.  I like the fact that the second half is not just more of the same.  After two repeated lines there are two upward flowing phrases which lead to a nice climax.