Who Needs An Invisibility Cloak?

Harry Potter, the now famous young wizard from the books of J.K.Rowling, had a problem.  Because of a scar earned as a young child, anywhere he went he was recognized.  One of his great assets in the series was a gift he received, an invisibility cloak.  With this he and his friends passed unseen into places of great danger and eluded even the most astute of older wizards.

If you follow my blog you will know that I have been musing on the issue of visibility or lack there-of lately.  It would seem that we are either too visible, like Harry, and wish for a break, or we are invisible and receive no notice at all. Today I’m going to focus on the folks who could make good use of Harry’s cloak.

I think that there are two groups of people today who would benefit from a little invisibility.  The first group, with whom I’m not entirely sure I sympathize, would be the people who either are born into famous families or have worked their whole lives in order to be famous.  Once they gain that kind of notoriety, I think many people become victims of their own success.  The constant press presence and public interest wear on them and it is almost impossible to get away and just live their lives.

The second group is those people who become known to be giving and caring.  These people become magnets for people who are struggling in their lives and find it almost impossible to turn anyone away.  Over time, this becomes overwhelming.  They become exhausted both physically and emotionally and at some point become unable to continue giving.  Those who recover from this burnout are those who manage to carve out a time out for themselves, which often involves going away, or turning off the phones, Facebook, and email for periods of time.

Jesus was God incarnate.  The very God who created all that is and was came and lived among us.  If anybody ever needed an invisibility cloak it was him.  Jesus’ cloak came in the form of simple parents, an unremarkable birthplace (unless remarkable for its unsuitability), life as a refugee, and growing up in a fairly rural location.  He didn’t get a high-powered career he trained with his father as a carpenter.  When he began to gather followers he didn’t head to the Temple, he stopped by the fishing villages and picked up more common, invisible men. 

It wasn’t until his ministry took off and was including healings that these cloaks began to slip off, and even then he was still trying to stay off the radar by asking people not to tell about his miraculous works etc.  When Jesus was overwhelmed he went away to a quiet place, often a garden or mountain area, to pray.  If you know someone who really needs an invisibility cloak, help them to get some time away.  They may choose to pray, meditate, or just do something they enjoy, but when they recharge they will be ready to get back to their normal selves.

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