Praise Notes: The Book of Praise #5

If you are giving your head a shake and thinking that you have missed several Praise Notes, relax.  I have decided that I will only do the hymns which are in the public domain for both lyrics and music.  This will allow you to actually see the words to which I am responding and might even allow me to find a sound file to include.  Here we go…

Hymn #5

Lord, our Lord, your glorious name

Psalm 8
Gott Sei Dank Durch Aller Welt
Paraphrase, Psalter 1912 words and music public domain.
Lord, our Lord, your glorious name
all your wondrous works proclaim;
in the heavens with radiant signs
evermore your glory shines.
Infant voices chant your praise,
telling of your glorious ways;
weakest means work out your will,
mighty enemies to still.
Moon and stars in shining height
nightly tell their Maker’s might;
when I view the heavens afar,
then I know how small we are.
Who are we that we should share
in your love and tender care,
raised to an exalted height,
crowned with honour in your sight?
With dominion crowned, we stand
o’er the creatures of your hand;
all to us subjection yield,
in the sea and air and field.

This Psalm avoids two of my pet peeves with the metrical Psalms;  every verse ends with a period or in one case question mark, and there is only one place in which the phrasing of the music is not a match for the lyrics.  It is a lovely tune with good motion and a variety of stepwise and leaping lines without becoming un-singable. Combined with the rhyming couplet style of the paraphrase, this is a good hymn.   Choose hymn #5 for those Sunday’s on which the 8th Psalm is in the lectionary as well as any time you want to focus on creation and the glory of God.


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