Invisible: What Do We Do When Nobody Sees Us?

The thing about this photo which fascinates me is that it is a picture of something we don’t see.  It is something that we are used to feeling when we get wet, and seeing with thousands of others in a rain storm, but as a unique individual this drop of water would usually be invisible to us.

In what ways are we like this water droplet?  Have we been in a crowd, either people we know and are ‘there with’ or just at a public event, and felt invisible?  Have we spoken up in a discussion and been disregarded?  Have we been hurting and feeling a cry out for help which nobody noticed?

There are segments of our society which are systematically made invisible.  Among these are the homeless.  One of the Twitter feeds I follow is @invisiblepeople Los Angeles :: changing the story of homelessness :: managed by @careyfuller, a homeless mother living near Seattle, with occasional ramblings from @haRdLyNOrMal   Carey’s recently posted an excellent note at

Invisible as we may feel amongst our peers and colleagues, friends and families, we are never truly invisible.  We have assurance that God sees us and cares about us all the time.  We know that the Holy Spirit is within us all the time.  Perhaps the best thing to do in our invisible moments is to pray briefly thanking God for seeing us and being with us, and then pay attention to find other people who need a smile or a word to convince them that we know they are there and that they are not invisible to us!

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