When The Computer Won’t Let You: Finding Limits in a “Limitless World”


Don’t you hate it when you have something you want to do on the computer, know that it is theoretically within the capability of the computer system, find the correct menu and command, hit the button and get a message like this?


I remember, when computers were becoming more ubiquitous, that everyone talked about a paperless society.  I’m still waiting!  The piles of paper that cross my desk in the form of assignments which need to be marked and forms to fill out is ridiculous given that it could all be done on the computer!  But then I think of all the days recently when we were unable to get on the network at school to get our attendance recorded or access our presentation files.


One example of many from today: I tried to convert a poster designed as a Notebook page into a jpeg image to put into my blog.  I tried about four different ways with no success.  Then I figured if I could cut and paste it into a Word file, I should be able to paste it into my post here.  Nope! 


I get SO frustrated when these things happen.  I wonder if this is a symptom of a greater problem?  Have we come to expect too much from our technology?  When we talk about how small the world has gotten, have we begun to believe that we should be able to magically do whatever we can think of?  Somewhere all the things that we are able to do with a computer have been laboriously conceived, planned and programmed by real people.


Until I learn how to program things myself, which is never happening, I need to be more patient and realize that just because I think of doing something does not mean that someone else has taken time to make it possible. 

One response to “When The Computer Won’t Let You: Finding Limits in a “Limitless World”

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