Open To Someone New

This evening, in around an hour-and-an-half, members of the congregation to which I belong will be meeting the person who may be becoming our new minister.  Exciting stuff!  A bit nerve-wracking, probably more for the candidate than the congregation, but exciting.


At these points in the lives of congregations we face that most frightening spectre, change!  Despite having been without full-time pastoral care for almost two years, we have become comfortable with the status quo.  As much as we all know we need to have a minister, we are nervous of the inevitable change that will come along.


What makes people so fearful of change?  Many would say, “experience!”  It is a bit like labour pains.  The more you tense up and resist the contractions, or the changes, the more they hurt.  Despite what has resulted from change in our past, we need to remain relaxed and open to change.  Perhaps we need to practice our deep cleansing breaths, maybe even expect good things to come.  We do have the Holy Spirit with us for the ride so we know that we are loved and protected come what may.


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  1. Major thanks for the article post. Will read on…

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