Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

 A couple of years ago I was taking a course on the Trinity.  The final assignment was to write a statement of faith or a personal creed.  The following was my response.


I believe in the one true God through whose imagination, creativity, and action the world and all that is in it was created.

God is so vast that He can not be expressed in just

       one human word. 

A part of God is in every person in the form of the

      Holy Spirit who inspires us and helps to open us

      to God’s divine purposes for our lives.

God’s love took the human form of

Jesus Christ who suffered and died for our sins, not his own, and was raised on the third day to return to

      heaven with the Father. 

Having accepted his Son as our saviour, we are 

      assured of forgiveness.

God’s power is infinite and expressed in love rather 

      than control.

I trust God and rely on him in my daily life through

prayer, mission, the study of his word, and participation in public worship with my church family.

God calls me to his service, to use the talents he has

      given me.

I live to serve the Lord.


                                                                Cathy Scott


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