4 Perspectives on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is tomorrow, a day that gets a lot of notice in North America.  It would be difficult to go through the week leading up to Mother’s Day without seeing and hearing about it.


One might assume that, for a woman, this is a totally awesome day on which attention is lavished upon her.  To women who are unable to have children, for one reason or another, the day is the very worst kind of salt to rub in that wound.   For some women with children the day may be just as awesome as expected.  If her children are under five or ten, however,  then the attention will need to come from her spouse…so that lets the air out of the day for single mothers and leads us to our next view-point.


Men are in an interesting position on Mother’s Day.  If they are not married to a woman and have no children then they only need to remember their own mothers.  If they have wives and children you will often hear them say, “Why should I get a present for my wife, she isn’t my mother!” and then you will see them out at the store the night before or even on the day itself trying to find something after-all.


My kids always used to ask why there was a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day but no Kid’s Day.  My answer was always that every other day is for kid’s.  When they were little they seemed to enjoy the excitement of trying to surprise me with breakfast in bed, usually far more than I could eat.  Not all children live with their mothers.  Some have been taken away from mothers by the state, some have lost their mothers to death. 


On a good year,Mother’s Day is all that it is made out to be mostly for retailers, craftspeople, florists, restaurateurs, etc. the ones making a profit from the day.   Despite this, I think that mothers really do deserve a special thanks.  I can’t begin to list all that my mother has done for me in my forty-some years.  She is a truly amazing woman and I will wish her a happy Mother’s Day tomorrow. 


If you are lucky enough to have your mother still living, give her a little bit of your time tomorrow and tell her you love her.  Take a moment as well to pray for those who struggle with the day for one reason or another. 

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