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When Pettiness Blocks Your View

Distorted View of the world

You have a day off school because your parents are taking you to the doctor.  Your alarm goes off and you hear the news on the radio…storm day, no school.  All around your community kids are cheering their good luck and you feel cheated!

It seems to be human nature to be petty and jealous to some extent.  Don’t you think that on some level Job’s friends were thinking that it was about time something went wrong in his life?  When we see that an acquaintance has met with some major success isn’t there a tiny part of us thinking, “It figures they would get that” before getting to feeling happy for them?

I think the problem with this is pretty obvious.  These reflexive thoughts block or distort our view of the world, however briefly. If we don’t recognize that we are doing this we end up looking in every situation for an injustice at the root for any lack of support.  The more you look through those filters the darker the whole world appears.  

Personal happiness aside, the distortions also keep us from seeing people as they really are and that in turn may keep us from forming positive relationships with them.  So often we forget that inside everyone we meet there is a thinking and feeling human.  Our resentment of a perceived advantage of another person may be based on faulty information.

What do we do about these automatic thoughts?

  • Recognize the thought as soon as it begins

  • Stop yourself quickly

  • Think! Does the situation actually negatively affect you?

  • Do you really know all the background of the situation?

  • Pray for help

Not sure who Job and his friends are? Read the book of Job in the Bible to find out.

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