Up! Up! :God, Pick Me Up!

If you have had children or any experience with young children you will recognize this gesture.  This baby is most likely saying in his or her head, “Pick me up please.”  This is the image that stuck in my head as I curled up with God last night.  There I was, the little baby just reaching to be picked up.

By around the age of about six months most babies have bonded and formed an attachment with their parents.  They have come to associate being picked up with receiving care, love and comfort.  There are times when, even as adults, there is nothing that would satisfy our need more than this would. It has been a long time since my mother or father could pick me up to give me comfort!

The way to reach for this comfort from God, our parent who loves us, is simply to pray. Like our human parents, God wants the best for us, wants to protect us and is there to pick us up when we fall.  Also like our parents, God lets us make mistakes large and small as part of our process of growing.  I must have grown a lot, because I am frequently needing to be picked up and put back on my feet.

Many of you will be familiar with the popular poem Footprints in the Sand.

God is there for us, even if it sometimes seems that he is not.  He wants to have that bond, and attachment with you if you will let him.  The next time you feel that you have fallen and need help to get back on your feet, reach up (literally or in your mind) and pray;

God, pick me up and hold me.  I need to feel your love and I need your help to get back on my feet! Amen

7 responses to “Up! Up! :God, Pick Me Up!

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  5. I never read this about the foot prints in the sand. And i felt sad today n felt weak and i told the lord in my mind, i cant go on no more i have no stregnth for this anymore and i thought about this foot prints in the sand and looked at a picture my mother inlaw had on her wall it was the footprints in the sand and i thought i should read it n its amazing cause the way i felt like i just wanted god to hold me n pick me up n he comforted me n got me to look at this picture.

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