Path To The Cross: Hard Decisions

Jesus chose to follow a path that would certainly lead to his death. Others, like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi have also made those hard choices. It is popular these days to tell people if they just accept Jesus as their personal lord and saviour, they will then have it easy.  They neglect to mention the weight of that cross that we are then to carry on our shoulders.  So, in a world looking for the easy way, why would we choose a path that might lead to danger or death?  Why would people go into Haiti, Indonesia, India etc. to help the people there recover and rebuild, knowing that there was a chance that they would not be living in comfy hotel suites, might not have all they were used to eating, or might be killed in an aftershock, or a building collapse? It is one thing to put ourselves at risk to save the lives of friends or family members, but total strangers?  Don’t we have enough to worry about on our own?

These examples may be too extreme for us.  After all, how many of us are likely to be assassinated or executed for our work in the name of God?  We live pretty simple lives.  But even within these simple lives we face tough decisions that take courage;

  • Moving to be closer to family members or away from family members

  • Choosing between personally taking care of a family member with Alzheimer’s, or AIDS(with all the sacrifices involved in such a decision) or seeking the best long-term care situation for them

  • Accepting employment in another city, province, or country

  • Quitting a job that pays well, perhaps for a job that is less certain or less lucrative in order to fulfill a calling

  • Confronting local injustices

  • Crossing the “racial divide”

  • Volunteering for military service

When we, “believe that [we] shall see the goodness of the Lord…”,  “Wait for the Lord; [are] strong, and let our heart take courage;” we face our challenges under the protective wings of God. When we hope, pray and listen we will be able to discern and choose to follow the will of God.  Let us follow in the steps and words of Abram and David as we, “offer in his tent sacrifices with shouts of joy; [and] sing and make melody to the Lord.”

Genesis 5:1-12, 17-18
Psalm 27
Philippians 3:17-4:1
Luke 13:31-35

One response to “Path To The Cross: Hard Decisions

  1. IT occurs to me that all of the people in this world are our family. Jesus considered us all his brothers and sisters, so much so that He went to the cross for us. That’s why i am willing to put myself in the face of danger for just one person. And if one person is all I am ever able to reach in my efforts to carry the gospel, then I have carried the cross He has asked me to carry, but if He allows me to reach thousands, then I have carried it as well. I hope you have a wonderful week. Thanks for giving me a good thought to carry me through this weeks as well.

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