Turning It Off For Lent


  • Lent begins tomorrow and I am going to be off facebook until Easter. If you need to get in touch with me send me an email. 

    Earlier today I put the above note up on my Facebook page to let my friends know that I would be “away” from FB until after Easter.  I then removed FB, Twitter and Goodreads from my home page tabs.  I got this idea from a blog I read yesterday about Lent at http://denimdevotion.wordpress.com/2011/03/07/its-coming/  I have tried fasting for Lent in the past but I ended up getting sick so I am leery of doing that again.  I liked this idea.


    I’m obviously not eliminating computers altogether from my life for the time between tomorrow and Easter.  I use my computer every day for work, for teaching, recording grades, recording attendance, etc.  I am also taking an online course right now so I will need to be online and on the computer  for that, and for doing my blog.


    The point of “giving something up for Lent” is to move the focus from whatever clutter usually takes it and on to the word of God, and the life and ministry of Jesus.  Of all the things that take my attention I think the computer, and especially social media, are the biggest.  I even read the Bible online now.  So I’ll dig out my real paper Bible, my pens and pencils, my books to read, and even my crossword puzzle books for the next five weeks.


    Have you considered a change in focus for your Lenten season this year?  When I was younger I remember kids saying they were giving up things like spinach (which they didn’t eat anyway) and thinking that it was a silly idea.  So what distracts you?  Don’t look for something that will make you suffer, that isn’t the point.  Don’t choose something that will make it impossible to do your job or meet commitments that you need to meet.   You may want to choose a little extravagance like that daily Starbucks coffee and put the money you save in your church offering plate or give it to a charity.

In the end, whether or not you give up something for the season, I pray that you have a blessed season of preparation for Holy Week!

5 responses to “Turning It Off For Lent

  1. Real paper Bible and books! Oh, this makes the librarian in me so happy. 🙂

    Glad we have “met,” Cathy, and I look forward to reading more from you!

    • Thanks Marie, I’m glad you got a smile. I usually have two or three real paper books on the go. I use my Kobo for light reading but non-fiction things I may use in sermons etc. I like to have the hard copy.

  2. Is it alright if I steal your post on my site?

  3. Um…yes. Many of the topics percolate for some time (days or weeks) a few were sermons I have written which took hours of exegesis and reflection.

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