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The Twitter Bible: Books of the Bible in 140 Characters or Fewer


I have had this idea of finding a way to write the Bible in a series of 140 character Tweets for a while.  In fact this draft has been on my wordpress dashboard since mid-February.  The original plan was to have 140 characters per book of the Bible.  This isn’t so hard for Job, or some other shorter books, but an amazing amount happens in some of the books.  The next problem is that as soon as you add the book title you have used up a whole bunch of characters.  Here were my first two tries…


God made everything, humans sinned, we multiplied, we sinned, God drowned all but a few in a flood, God made covenant never to do that again.



God’s peeps were slaves in Egypt. Moses led them into the desert, they sinned, wandered 40 yrs, God gave laws& food, led to promised land


After getting that far I thought perhaps a glossary of Tweet terms for the Bible would help.  Maybe something like;

Bbl – bible,  Gd or G – God,  Jss or J – Jesus,  HS – Holy Spirit,               Isr – Israelites,  S – sin, s/o – son of


It turns out this is as far as I need to go.  Yesterday I received a note through Twitter suggesting I follow @the140bible which is one persons attempt to compose a Tweet for every chapter of the Bible.  It shows that lots of people are thinking along the same lines and at least one went ahead and did it! 

The 140 Bible

The 140 Bible
For the next several months, I will be attempting to translate every chapter in the Bible to 140 characters. Enjoy.