Time: Are Minutes or Hours The Most Important?

The clock in this photo to which the arrow is pointing is one of the things at the market in Fredericton that I look at every time I go.  The green one or the red and green one may be more flashy, but the two-part one is so cool.  With the hour hand on one face and the minute hand on the other face it is possible to hang this with the hour face at the top or with it at the side.

The separate faces could be useful when teaching kids to read analogue clocks as it saves the possible confusion over the hour hand and the second-hand.  On the contrary, however, it does not show the way in which the minutes are directly connected to the passage of the hours.

We think a lot about time.  We are always talking about time.  We never think that there are enough hours in the day, feel that we don’t have time to do all we want.  When we were kids we couldn’t wait for time to pass until we could stay home by ourselves without a babysitter, until we could drive a car, until we were to move out on our own.  As parents when we watch our kids grow up and move on we ask where the time has gone. 

So which of those clock faces is more important?  When it comes down to it, are the minutes more important than the hours?  It takes less than a minute for a driving error to end a person’s life or for someone to jump forward to pull someone out of the path of a car, but it takes hours to deliver a baby and what is more important than that?

If I ever buy this clock I don’t really know which way I’ll hang it.  I’m quite a traditionalist, even if it doesn’t seem that way sometimes, so I will probably have the hours either at the top or to the left, in the primary place.  After-all we usually say it is ten-thirty-four, not thirty-four ten.  I don’t guarantee, however, that I will not turn it around some day just to see what it is like.  Who knows, it may even make a difference in the way my day works out ;o)

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