Daily Archives: February 21, 2011

A Song For Change and Growth

Turn Me Into A Gem Rec

Turn me into a gem Lord!


Turn me into a gem, Lord. Turn me into a gem,                                                         

Like a piece of broken glass that someone tossed into the sea.

Turn me into a gem, Lord. Turn me into a gem.

Smooth off all my rough edges Lord, and make a gem of me.


I started life just like a bottle, shiny new and clean.

I thought, look I am finished, aren’t I find, just look at me!

But broken on the shoals of life my innovenve was gone.

And tossed into the sea God started rolling me along.


The sea looks calm when you are seated quietly on shore.

You only see the surface, never realize there’s more.

But under water where the glass falls down among the rocks,

There’s rolling, tumbling, crushing as we’re rolled towards the shore.


The tide goes out, we roll away from that inviting shore.

With every wave the rocks around us smooth us even more.

Roll in and out with tides of life remembering God’s plan.

Some day, when done, we’ll find ourselves rolled up onto dry land.


We may not look as shiny as the day when we were made.

Pieces spread out everywhere and feeling we’re mislaid.

As people find us, pick us up; they’re pleased by what they see.

We can tell them, thank you this is what God wanted me to be.