For What It’s Worth: Priceless Cardboard Boxes

How much would you pay for a good pair of rubber boots?  How about a hockey card or a Magic the Gathering card?  What is a really good meal, a delicious dessert or your morning coffee worth to you?

I was looking through a magazine today and came across several pages labeled “contest:winter warm-up”  On these pages there are all sorts of nifty items like a set of hard sided painted luggage, a power drill, nail polish collections, a Pandora bracelet and a pair of colourful rubber boots (not the ones pictured above).  Beside each one there is an explanation of the item and their “value.”  Beside the rubber boots it says $150 Value Each.

Ideas of value can be based on many different things.  The value of a pair of rubber boots may lie in their fashion, but really rubber boots are for walking, and sometimes jumping, in puddles and muck.  I hardly think I need to pay $150 to jump in a puddle, but some people might.  I bet my friend who has been confined to a wheelchair for many years now would pay almost anything for them if they meant she could jump in a puddle!

I’m sure you are familiar with the series of MasterCard ads that focus on the value of items, called the Priceless Ads.  Despite being commercials and encouraging the spending of money we don’t have now, and may never have, they have this idea well in hand.   Check out this video…

The items like toys and books may be very appealing but the thing that are priceless have nothing to do with things you can purchase.  Priceless things are experiences, emotions, breathtaking views, and relationships.  There may be many ‘toys’ you want but my question for you today is what is your priceless cardboard box?

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