The Anti-Comercial Valentine’s Day Challenge

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14th is one day in our North American calendar set aside for love, or so the greeting card companies and candy makers would have us believe.  We take this day to tell that special someone how much we love them.  For some, we tell that hopefully special person that we are interested in them.  For many it is possibly the worst annual reminder of their being alone in the world.

Remember all those times Charlie Brown went to his mailbox, hoping against hope that there would be a valentine card, maybe even from the little red-haired girl?  Even the popular TV show Glee, while playing up the whole love song theme, made a point of ending with an evening for the singles, a “lonely hearts event.”

I’m sure you would agree that those in the world who do not have a current romantic partner are made quite aware of it in their everyday lives without being clubbed over the head with it on Feb 14th each year.   By the same token, how easy is it to tell our spouses or close friends that we love them?  Do they really need a box of chocolates or fancy undies?

In the Old Testament, Moses brought down ten commandments from the mountain where he met with God.  In the New Testament Jesus said there were only two, that we love God with all our hearts, all our souls, and with all our minds, and that we love our neighbours as ourselves. 

So, here is my challenge.  Put your Valentine’s Day special effort into showing love to someone who, like Charlie Brown, might not be receiving a Valentine tomorrow.  I do not mean in any way to make this person feel pitied, I don’t mean to invite him or her as a third wheel on your romantic date.  Think of something simple that you can do to make them feel appreciated.  It doesn’t have to be complicated and it needn’t cost  a lot.  Maybe pick up an extra coffee to share with a beleaguered receptionist at your office or an office you will be visiting.  Try all day to notice and acknowledge those people who are often invisible in our lives.  They might be uncomfortable with an I love you from a stranger but I’m sure they will appreciate a smile!

If you manage to meet this challenge, please drop a line to tell me how it went, and again, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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