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How Do You Save Church Buildings? Make them dentist’s offices?

Was this church saved by becoming a family home?

Saving Church Buildings

This may be more of a rant than a reflection…

Today when I was headed out for lunch I had my radio set to CBC as usual and was listening to Maritime Noon.  Their call-in discussion topic was saving historic church buildings.  The topic sounded good, something I am interested in, but the first guest wasn’t a minister, pastor, or priest, nor a session or board member.  The first guest was a person how had purchased a deconsecrated church and turned into a dentist’s office and a café.  I almost stopped the car right then to call in.

The more I listened the more agitated I became.  When they asked the question the first time, my response had been, “Go to church!”  I understand that sometimes congregations are unable to maintain their historic buildings and it is better that the basic architecture is preserved if not the purpose of the building.  I know that the church is not the building, but the bottom line is, if there were more people attending churches and supporting them financially they would be able to maintain them.  After I was parked I sent a tweet to the show,

@cbcmaritimenoon best way to save a church building is to attend church regularly and bring friends!