Day of Rest?

It is Sunday, the Lord’s day.  This is the one day of the week that we are meant to set aside our usual work and spend Sabbath time with God.  In the old days you weren’t allowed to go out after church, were only allowed to read if it was the Bible, for kids it was painfully boring (so I’ve heard anyway).

Today I slept in a little.  I got up and had breakfast and gathered the things I needed to take to church.  I was at the church an hour before the service so I could print up some bulletin inserts (a whole other rant against web sites for another day) and run the choir through today’s anthem which is quite new to us.  We had a wonderful worship service.  After the service we had a time of fellowship and celebrated two members’ birthdays.  After that it was off to lead the youth group and make plans for attending a big event in Newfoundland in May.  Then home for two hours before taking supper out to my friend who is in a nursing home.  When I am finally home for real at around eight o’clock I don’t expect I will feel much like I have had a day of rest.

Without even bringing up all the people who have to work on Sunday due to the nature of their jobs either in service or retail fields, I am sure this doesn’t sound much different from many of your Sundays.  I’m even lucky enough to have kids who aren’t into sports that drag us out to ice rinks or gymnasiums for the whole day.  We have seemed to lose the idea of Sabbath or rest on Sunday and I, for one, would like it back!

How does one go about reclaiming Sunday?  After all, the weekend is only two days and all the things that can’t get done on weekdays has to be crammed in there.  In theory dinner out with a friend might count as “rest” but somehow when lined up with everything else it just becomes one more scheduled event.  Youth group, at least at our church, is hard to get together on any other day, and then if it were moved to Saturday it would push-off all those Saturday things onto Sunday anyway!

How do you carve out Sabbath on Sunday?  Is it the same if you declare some other day of the week Sabbath?  In her book I Quit, Geri Scazzero talks about the change she and her husband made to taking one day in every week, one month every summer and a three to four month sabatical every 7 years.  What do you think?

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